President – Jonathan Toquero.
Sledding Since 2018.
Classes Entered: 
Novice, 1 Dog, 1 Dog Vet, 2 Dog Vet, Bikejoring and Canicross.
About: My happy place is at training with my two Samoyed, whether it be a hectic run around the track or a relaxed stroll in the bush.

There is no pressure of racing, so I can enjoy the cold air, the bush scenery at dawn and the occasional kangaroo and rabbit chases. Training my dogs to execute “gee”, “haw” and “hike” commands, pass and be passed cleanly makes racing so much more pleasurable.

It has been really difficult resisting adding members to the Arctic Storm Sleddog Racing Team, but I think that it is inevitable.

Vice President – Jamelia Bramwell.

Sledding Since: 2017.
Classes Entered:
 1 Dog, Canicross, Novice, Puppy and Bikejoring.

I went along to the beginner’s days in 2017 expecting to have a go at a new sport and maybe have a think about races. Little did I know that this sport would take over my entire winter (and life) and would introduce me to one of the most welcoming communities you can find.

Having two ‘non-typical’ breeds has taught me a lot about different ways of training, but in the end my dogs love this sport just as much as the arctic breeds. This sport has introduced me to a whole new view of the world – our club members are always quick to help someone else out and lend equipment or advice.

I have been on the committee for a few years now and I love being able to help out the club. I’m always up for a chat and will talk about training (physical and behavioral) for hours – SO BE WARNED!

Secretary – Michelle Joakim.
Sledding Since: 2018.
Classes Entered: 1 Dog, Bikejoring, 1 Dog Touring, and Novice.
About: Sleddog racing captured my boys heart back in 2018, when I needed to find a job for my 11 month old husky boy Loki who took to exerting his energy on my furniture, toothbrushes and toilet rolls. 

My friends and family are amazed at how quickly my life has changed over the past 3 years, getting up before sunrise in the cold & rain for training, to then standing in the start line at races with my sledding friends waiting to shoot out the start line, dogs barking with excitement and the smell of Brett’s coffee waiting for me in the distance, my furkids found a passion that I get to share with them. 

I look forward to expanding my experience with one day going to the snow, but for now I am happy travelling around WA to new locations with Loki, Storm & Frost, racing as Team “Hakuna Matata” yep it means No Worries!

Treasurer – Marilyn McPaul
Sledding Since: 2015
Classes Entered: Canicross, Touring, 1 dog and 2 dog open, Veteran 1 dog & Bikejoring
About: I broke my first husky out of the RSPCA pound around 23 years ago

and intended to dryland sled then. Life and kids got in the way. Then 6 years ago took

Max to beginners day in SA. He loved it and I purchased my

first scooter. However; we didn’t start mushing until arriving in WA. Now we live for

Winter! I love sledding for the smiles on my pups faces & all the friends made who are like family.

I’ve served as President of the club for 2 years and on the committee 2 years.  

General Committee – Josh Neufield.
Sledding Since: 
Classes Entered:
 Bikejoring, Novice.
About: I found out about the sport at a dogs day out event, where I ended up talking to some lovely members of the club who said my dogs would be perfect for the sport.

I was a bit sceptical at first, thinking this sport could only be done by huskies and my skinny hounds would be useless. To my surprise and great joy not only have my dogs taken to the sport, they absolutely love getting out there and running their hearts out! This sport has taken me to some wonderful places I likely never would have seen otherwise and introduced me to a welcoming and inclusive group of people.

My favourite thing about sledding is seeing the joy in my dogs whenever their harnesses come out and they know they are going out to have some serious fun. I have always enjoyed my dogs and now am likely to be the person at camping or training chatting with anyone and everyone.

Me and my noodle dogs Valentine and Poppy are looking forward to another year being part of this wonderful club. Full disclosure, this sport is addictive!

General Committee | ASSA WA State Rep – Adam West.
Sledding Since: 
Classes Entered:
 Every class except Novice.
About: I started sledding in 2014 with 2 Dalmatians, Corona and Echo (who is deaf). The dogs loved it and soon we added two more Dalmatians to the family, who were also deaf, hence the team name, ‘Hearing is Overrated.’

I have raced in every class, except novice, yes including that stupid running one, running my own dogs and have also been fortunate enough to be trusted to run other people’s teams of dogs. 

I have travelled East to complete in 2 National Races. 

This will be my 4th year on Committee, 3 of those were consecutive years. In 2020, I was also one of Western Australia’s state representatives on the ASSA Committee. 

I enjoy attending all races that our three WA clubs put on. 

General Committee – Jordan Leybourne.
Sledding Since 2018.
Classes Entered: 
Novice, 2 dog, Bikejoring and Canicross.
About: I have had Alaskan Malamutes in my life since I was 4 years old. While I showed them in the show ring I never knew their full potential until I attended the ASSA nationals at Jarrahwood in 2017.

The noise and the atmosphere was insane and I knew I had a new sport to add to my hobby list. The following winter we ordered harnesses and found a second-hand scooter and we have never looked back!

I started as a novice before I moved up to 2 dog open. I am in love with the sport and hope to see it grow as I’m sure there are many dogs out there that have the potential to be amazing sled dogs. 

General Committee – Heather Rodes
Sledding Since 2021
Classes Entered: 
Novice, Bikejoring and Canicross.

About: I get up before the sun rises in winter because my dogs absolutely love this sport. On our very first trial day, Zuko took to sledding like he’d been bred for it. You can’t help but share in the joy the dogs have for it.

In one season my own fitness has increased just as much as my dogs has, and I now regularly run canicross with both of my collies. I never thought I’d say that I’m a runner, but here we are.
I want to bring this amazing sport to more people, and show them that any breed can have a great time running. Find me with the dog with a blue tail!

General Committee – Jarrad Owen
Sledding Since 2019
Classes Entered: 
Novice, Bikejoring and Canicross.

About: I’ve only been competing in this sport for a short time and it’s already hard to imagine life without it. I was quickly thrown into the dog world with sledding being the first sport I really got into. 

I love the opportunity to camp around like minded friends and a host of amazing dogs. Nothing beats the early morning madness that is freezing conditions, crazy dogs and even crazier people. 

I joined committee because I’m passionate about making this sport even better!

General Committee – Sarah Msi

Sledding Since 2021
Classes Entered: 

About: I first heard about WASSA through instagram back in 2020. I kept a close eye on their social media pages and saw that the club would having a stall at a market in Midland. I jumped at the chance to go down and ask some questions. The president at the time (shout out to Sarrah) gave me so much advice and recommendations on how to get started with the club and what commands I can start training my dog with that would assist us in the future. I joined various Musher groups to get a deeper understanding of the sport and from there I was hooked. I took my dog Mia (Kelpie x Red Heeler) to the 2021 Try Out Day and was amazed at how well she adapted to the sport. Having a non-typical sledding breed, I was so excited to see how we could progress in the sport. Both Mia and I threw ourselves into the sport, getting all the second hand gear we could find and went to every race we could during the year and competed in almost every Novice Scooter Race. The early mornings for training and long drives to races made it so worth it to be able to see the pure joy this sport gave my dog.
I never thought I’d be calling myself a ‘Musher’ or Mia a ‘Sleddog’ and I wouldn’t change a thing about it!
This year I aim to help as many beginners as I can and hope that they find a love as big as I did for this sport.


General Committee – Craig Thorogood
Sledding Since 2021
Classes Entered: 

General Committee – Lindin Maney
Sledding Since 2021
Classes Entered: