WASSA Racing Rules

WASSA follow the ASSA rules, and we have bylaws. These are the rules that all mushers must abide by when entering WASSA races. Any breaches of the rules will be handled by the Race Marshall at each event.

ASSA Race-Rules-2020

WASSA By Laws 31 May 2021


Mushing Etiquette

These are guidelines that all mushers should try to follow to ensure everyone has an enjoyable and safe time while sledding on the tracks and at base.

Mushing Etiquette


WASSA Pointscore

To be eligible for a WASSA End of Year class award(s), the following conditions must be met;

1. Must be a current financial WASSA club member
2. Must enter the same class for the entire season
3. Only WASSA races are counted, a minimum of three WASSA races in the one season
4. There is no requirement for the same dog/s to be entered for each race
5. Points for each race are awarded using the formula of “Winners Time/Your Time” x 1000 (i.e. the winner gets a score of 1000 and all others get a score which is less than 1000)
6. Points are awarded for every class except Touring, Mini Pee-Wee and Pee-Wee


Clarification of WASSA Junior Age

The WASSA age for the Junior class is 10 – 16 years inclusive.

However, should a Junior be turning 16 years old within that calendar year, the parent/guardian can make a request to the current committee for consideration of the Junior to run in an Open Class. Each request will be considered on its own merits and conditions will apply.


1. Restricted to 1 dog per class
2. Will need to demonstrate positive & safe dog handling and positive sportsmanship at all times, (ie. all WASSA events, races and training).
3. Should any of the above conditions be breached, the WASSA committee reserves the right to reconsider the agreement.