The constitution is a set of rules underpinning how WASSA operates. It details rules for membership, disputes, the objects and management of the club and other information.

WASSA Constitution 2019

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct provides further information to members about expectations of behaviour and treatment of others.

WASSA Code of Conduct 2019

Membership Form

Online Membership Form

Racing Rules

These are the rules that all mushers must abide by when entering WASSA races. WASSA follow the ASSA rules, but then we have our club by-laws that fine-tune these rules.  Any breaches of the rules will be handled by the Race Marshall at each event

ASSA Race-Rules-2019               WASSA by-laws 2019

Mushing Etiquette

These are guidelines that all mushers should try to follow to ensure everyone has an enjoyable and safe time while sledding on the tracks and at base.

Mushing Etiquette 2019

Junior Log Book

This is a link to the ASSA document/log book for juniors to keep track of their development and experience.

Junior Log Book

Beginner’s Magazines

Beginner’s Magazine 2019

Beginner’s Magazine 2018