The constitution is the basic set of rules for the daily running of WASSA. It details for members and others the name, objects, methods of management and other conditions under which WASSA operates and generally the reasons for its existence. It also regulates the relationship between members by setting out the basis for working with other co-members.

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Membership Form

Please complete this form and email or mail a copy to the club to become an official member. Membership will be complete once payment has been received by the club.

Online Membership Form

WASSA Racing Rules

These are the rules that all mushers must abide by when entering WASSA races. WASSA follow the ASSA rules, but then we have our club By-Laws that fine-tune these rules.  Any breaches of the rules will be handled by the Race Marshall at each event.

ASSA-Race-Rules 2018

WASSA By-Laws 2018

Mushing Etiquette

These are guidelines that all mushers should try to follow to ensure everyone has an enjoyable and safe time while sledding on the tracks and at base.

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