Past Trail Mates


Resized JPEG graphic Lovely Laylee – Born in Los Angeles, she came to us as a foster dog in 2006 and never left – Spike’s running mate, kept him in line. Plagued with health problems, sadly we lost her to cancer in 2011. (Bob and Noreen Watson)






Resized JPEG graphic Saroc came to us from Rescue in 2003 – Cass’s twin, they were a perfect sledding team. A really feisty little character, she was head of our pack. Saroc passed away quite suddenly in 2009 – we had 6 wonderful years with her (not enough) – Saroc, still sadly missed. (Bob and Noreen Watson)




Marty, Ulukai, Narloo

Resized JPEG graphic Marty, sadly lost Jan 2012 due to cancer. Came to us as a 3 yr old to join his brother and son. Great sleddog, big heart, super sweet. Will always miss your smiling face and goofy ways. Ulukai, lost just 3 months after this photo (Nov 2007) was taken due to a stupid accident causing too much pain for him. My first husky, you had the most amazing attitude and taught me so much, always in my heart. We wouldn’t be sledding if it wasn’t for you, thank you for everything little man. Narloo, lost Nov 2010. My big teddy bear, always ready for action and up for trouble, our home is very different without your thieving, destructive ways. How you tested the boundaries little one, we are still “Narloo-proofing” anything we don’t want touched, especially those husky toys, no area was out of reach for you! Love you and miss you. Kazra, (mostly hidden in the background) still with us thankfully, though retired from racing at the ripe old age of six. This young man never had the same desire to run as his father, uncle or cousin, so small group social sledding only for Kaz from now on. May you live for many, many more years. (Kim Rance)


Resized JPEG graphic Bailey [bull terrier x staffy] started racing at the age of 8 years old. She competed in touring 2 dog [with Stig], junior [with Madison] and veteran classes and also loved to go to expos with the club. Bailey is sorely missed by the Bully Express crew – thankyou sweetheart for introducing us to the wonderful world of sleddog racing. (Kerry Hislop)