Training sessions will be held most weekends (subject to weather and not on race weekends), Saturday and Sunday mornings starting from TBA. All the sessions held over the racing season will be at Gnangara unless otherwise notified, directions are below.

If there are any issues please contact committee via the provided methods on the Committee Contact Details page.

Please check in on our Facebook page each for weeks for any changes of details (meeting points, times etc)

Note: The meeting point is now at the Petrol Station on Gnangara Road about 1km west of the normal entrance.

Weekly Training

Most club training will be at Gnangara Pine Forrest. We do struggle to get tracks close to the metropolitan area that fit our requirements. When attending training we do require you to be there by a certain time at the latest. The area we use is actually fenced off and padlocked so entry is monitored by us to avoid any issues. If you do arrive late at the gate we enter through you will find it has been re-locked as this is a requirement placed on us for the use of the land.

The road we enter the plantation on is called Pessosa Road. It is about a hundred meters from the intersection of Beechboro Rd and Gnangara Rd. This comes directly off Gnangara Road and can be quite dangerous so give plenty of indication and slow down early.

What to bring to Training

When attending training there are several things that you will need to bring for your dogs and yourselves. These items are:

*Dogs (to be on lead at all times)

*Poo Bags

*Water for your dog and yourself

*Warm jackets and wet weather gear if it looks like rain. We still run in the rain!

*Helmet as per club rules

*Bike or scooter if you have one




The area we use has no facilities at all. We are completely surrounded by natural vegetation so please be aware of this.