Dryland Dog Sledding in WA

Dog sledding is usually depicted as involving long tracks through the snow with large teams of Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes. In Western Australia, snow is nowhere to be found. That’s no problem!

Dryland dog sledding was introduced using scooters and rigs with wheels instead of a snow sled, and using any breed that has the desire to pull, run, and just have fun.

The sport is definitely not restricted to any specific breeds. All the movies show teams of huskies and malamutes, but in our club, we encourage owners of any breed to come along and have a go.

The breeds that are currently enjoying this sport through our club include ‘Traditional’ sled dog breeds and mixes of these, Shepherds, Pointers, Retrievers, Kelpies, Border Collies, Samoyeds, various hounds, mixed breeds of all sizes, and more.

Whatever event you choose, we guarantee that you and your dog will have the best time.

Our 2020 season has concluded. Keep checking this website and our Facebook page for updates on when the 2021 season will commence, including Beginner’s Days, training, and Race dates.

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2020 Race Season Concludes

Our 2020 Race season has now concluded.

Thank you to all our members, competitors and supporters who were part of our 2020 Season. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2021 and hope to see new members joining us to experience this fantastic and unique sport.

Enjoy the summer break, keep watching our facebook page for all upcoming events.

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